St Paul's Anglican

Hamish Coy

Hello! I’m doing MTS because I love serving our Lord and Saviour Jesus! I have this desire and feel the need to be serving Him as best I can, so I’m am doing MTS to grow in my ability and capacity to serve Him. I’m hoping to understand God more, to learn how to teach the Bible better and to learn how a minister/pastor runs a church!

Prayer points

  • That I can grow in my love and understanding of God
  • That MTS can help me discern if I should do ministry in a full time capacity
  • That I can keep learning how to love my wife well!

Caleb Knight

Jesus is Lord! That was true when I was an economist, it is true as I do MTS and will be true long after (hear forever) I’ve returned to dust.

For the past few years I have been an economist, writing reports on the construction sector, forecasting concrete and sharing the gospel with my colleagues. By the grace of God I would say this has been the most fruitful ministry He has ever used me in.

For the next couple of years I’m going to be doing MTS. I’m really excited for all the opportunities to serve God that come with that, and I’m prayerful that He will use me to glorify Himself.

What living for Jesus looks like for me after that is unclear, but I’m hoping that by the end of MTS I will have a better idea of where I can serve Him best

Prayer points

  • Praise God for His love shown to us in Jesus.
  • Ask that I would grow in my knowledge, love and likeness of Jesus.
  • Ask that God would use me as I do MTS to grow His kingdom and give me wisdom for the future.
  • Thank God that His Spirit is still at work causing people to turn in repentance and faith.

Josh & Susan Everett

Hi there! We’re Susan and Josh, and we are so excited to be doing an MTS apprenticeship at St Paul’s Carlingford and North Rocks in 2022-2023. For the past few years, we’ve been able to serve God and evangelise in our workplaces – Josh as a Carpenter, and Susan as a Business Development Manager. We’re both now looking forward to being trained up in loving Jesus more , sharing His good news, and helping other brothers and sisters love Him more. We especially want to learn how to better understand and teach the bible to all – whether a teenage boy or a recent migrant.

We aren’t yet sure what serving Jesus will look like on the other side of MTS. We continue to trust and pray that God will grow us through MTS so that we serve Him more faithfully for the rest of our lives, however He chooses to use us.   

Prayer points

  • We would grow in our understanding and love for Jesus
  • God would use us to grow His kingdom, and bring more people into His family
  • We would be trained to better understand and teach the bible
  • God would protect, strengthen and grow us in our marriage as we serve Him together

Josh Charles

Over the next 2 years I’m going to have the privilege of serving God and His people full time at St Paul’s!

I’m so thankful for the saving grace Jesus offers all and the faith that God has given me to save me. The news of Jesus is such good news that I can’t think of anything better than to dedicate my life to sharing it with others that they might be saved by Him and come to maturity in Him.

I don’t know what exactly that will look like for me long term, but for now it is such a blessing to be freed up to be trained in vocational ministry as I grow in my faith and service of God.

I would love and appreciate your prayerful and financial support as I have a go at serving God in this way.

Prayer points

  • That God would use me to bring more people to faith in Him.
  • That through success and failure God would shape me to be more like Jesus.
  • That my love for God and His people would only grow larger.
  • That I would serve with humility and an eagerness to learn.