St Paul's Anglican

Josh Charles

Over the next 2 years I’m going to have the privilege of serving God and His people full time at St Paul’s!

I’m so thankful for the saving grace Jesus offers all and the faith that God has given me to save me. The news of Jesus is such good news that I can’t think of anything better than to dedicate my life to sharing it with others that they might be saved by Him and come to maturity in Him.

I don’t know what exactly that will look like for me long term, but for now it is such a blessing to be freed up to be trained in vocational ministry as I grow in my faith and service of God.

I would love and appreciate your prayerful and financial support as I have a go at serving God in this way.

Prayer points

  • That God would use me to bring more people to faith in Him.
  • That through success and failure God would shape me to be more like Jesus.
  • That my love for God and His people would only grow larger.
  • That I would serve with humility and an eagerness to learn.