St Paul's Anglican

Josh Charles

If you’re wondering why I’m doing MTS, it’s because I feel like I can’t do anything else.

That’s not to say I’m incapable (I’m sure pursuing post-graduate chemistry and mathematics would have been thrilling… not) but it’s to say that every person needs to know about Jesus and I’m so keen to spend as much of my time in Word ministry on that mission as possible. I’m so thankful that through MTS I get to do that full time!

By God’s grace and through generous supporters, 100% of my support target has now been given, praise God and thank you. If you would like to financially support the MTS program or another apprentice, please visit the Support Page.

I appreciate your prayer support as I continue to serve in this way.

Prayer points

  • That through the highs and lows of ministry I would never lose my love for Jesus, for His people, and for the lost.
  • That God would grow my character to be more like Christ.
  • That God would save unbelievers and grow disciples through His ministry in me.